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Provision of a whistleblower hotline service

Our whistleblower hotline service supports reporting through toll-free calling, email, online web portal, anonymous online live chat and WhatsApp live. All these channels are available to your stakeholders 24-hours a day every day. We possess the expertise to extract comprehensive, factual information from those who make a report to us to aid you conduct conclusive investigations. As soon as an incident report has been received from any of the channels, we prepare a written report to you within 24 hours. Our incident management system enables you to consolidate analyzable misconduct data from both internal reporting sources and our whistleblower hotline for comprehensive and insightful trend analysis, and targeted enhancements in your compliance environment.
To promote an organization culture of confidently reporting unethical, illegal or even dangerous activities, we offer you an array of customized awareness materials including but not limited to awareness posters, lanyards, stickers, email footers and screensavers, and pamphlets.


Whistleblowing management systems reviews

The primary responsibility of the Internal Auditor is to provide independent, reasonable assurance to the governing body and senior leadership team on the design and operating effectiveness of the system of internal control, including the effectiveness of the whistleblowing management system in place. In the event that the Internal Auditor is directly involved in the operation and/or support of the whistleblowing management system, then he/she is conflicted insofar as providing independent assurance on the same whistleblowing management system is concerned. In these cases, we conduct independent expert assurance reviews on the effectiveness of your internal whistleblowing mechanisms against ISO 37002:2021 (Whistleblowing Management Systems Guidelines) and make actionable improvement recommendations.

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