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Frequently Asked Questions

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What incidents can I report?

  • Contract and procurement irregularities

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Theft and misuse of property

  • Fraud and intentional misrepresentation

  • Misconduct

  • Time and attendance abuse

  • Misuse of expense accounts and company credit cards

  • Abuse of authority

  • Mismanagement of funds

  • Misuse of information technology resources

  • Health and safety risks

  • Any other unethical or illegal actions

What kind of information should I provide?

  • Names of individuals and/or organizations

  • Dates and time of when the incident(s) happened or started and for how long

  • Place(s) where the incidents happened

  • Any witnesses, they names and contact information such as telephone and email addresses

  • Proof such as documents in hard or soft copy, photographs, video, audio etc

  • What happens to the proceeds of the crime?

  • Is this incident isolated or part of a trend?

  • When will it happen again?

I do not have evidence of the information I want to report. Can I still report?

You do not need to have evidence or attempt to investigate the incident. You are however encouraged to provide as much factual information as possible to facilitate a conclusive investigation. We are skilled to assess the veracity of the reported incident and you are strongly dissuaded from presenting false information, knowing it to be false.

I am not employed by the organization. Can I still report?

The hotline service is open for use by anyone including members of the general public.

I do not want my identity revealed. Can that be assured?

You are not required to identify yourself when reporting an incident. No one will know you contacted us unless you tell someone or you willingly identify yourself during reporting. Should you identify yourself, we will still keep your identity confidential. We generally encourage contacts to confidentially let us know how we can reach out to them for further clarification. However, we ultimately respect the anonymity of our contacts if they so wish to remain anonymous.

How do I report?

  • Call the toll free number assigned to the organization

  • Use the ‘Report Now’ button on the top right section of this website or;

  • Engage us on the anonymous online live chat at the bottom right section of the website or;

  • WhatsApp or SMS to the number assigned to the organization or;

  • Email to the address assigned to the organization

The reporting avenues are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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