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One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised

~Chinua Achebe

According to ALL the 12 editions of the Report to the Nations (the largest global study on occupational fraud and abuse) published biennially by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), tip-offs, especially from employees, are by far the leading means of uncovering occupational fraud and abuse and organizations with whistleblowing hotlines detect MORE frauds MORE QUICKLY than those without whistleblowing hotlines.

Get to know and act on what is going astray in your organization in relation to ethics, legal compliance and workplace safety by enabling your stakeholders to confidently report all kinds of misconduct. Build a culture of candor, accountability, equity and compliance so essential to your success. Keep in mind that speaking out on workplace misconduct can sometimes be a risky affair to those who choose to do so. Consequently, it is of prime importance that you provide a trusted, safe and truly anonymous means to your stakeholders to confidently speak out regardless of the perceived severity of potential retaliation. We are committed to see you triumph on this front by providing you instant access to our whistleblowing hotline service. Reach out to us today!


Multichannel reporting

         Toll-free calling line

         Anonymous online live chat

         Email reporting

         WhatsApp live

         Online web-portal reporting


All reporting channels are available to your stakeholders 24 hours everyday.

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Guaranteed anonymity

We only submit to you a professionally written communication BUT NEVER the identities of persons reporting or the original raw report received through our reporting channels.


Instant setup & operation

The hotline is availed to you immediately including a curated Announcement communication notifying all your stakeholders.


Awareness campaigns

We offer digital awareness materials to aid you reach a wide audience and MOST IMPORTANTLY sustain awareness on the existence and valuable use of the hotline.


Trend analytics

Consolidate analyzable data from cases reported through internal channels and the whistleblowing hotline for insightful trend analysis using our incident management system.


Referral to investigators

Should you need investigative assistance after receiving our hotline report, we will without charge and upon your request, recommend an investigator.

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We are proud to be a certified member of the Blue Company Project!

The Blue Company Project is an initiative  by volunteer individuals who are captains of private sector corporations and institutions, people who have the public interest at heart with the objective of encouraging companies to fight corruption in all its forms.

Act Now | Speak Out | Stay Anonymous

Bribery, Threats & Harassment, Theft, Misinformation, Conflict of Interest, Fraud, Misuse, Abuse of Authority, Illegalities, Mismanagement, Corruption, Discrimination, Misrepresentation, Health & Safety Risks, Substance Abuse, Political Activity, Human Rights, Retaliation/Victimization, Insider Trading, Quality Concerns

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